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Conner Morrell

Meet Conner - An Up and Coming Racing Star

Fearless. Tenacious. Hungry.  Gracious.  Fiercely competitive until the last speck of dirt has settled, Conner Morrell is a monster on the track with a heart of gold.  Since the age of 4, Conner has lived and breathed racing, and dreamed of becoming a professional race car driver while sleeping in his Lightning McQueen-themed bedroom.  Well, that day has finally arrived, due in part to his consistent dedication to learning every detail about racing and motorsports, not to mention his many racing victories along the way.

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Monster on the Track
Racing is not for the faint of heart.  One must be completely devoted to winning on each and every lap.  Conner has proven his skills, determination, and strength of heart since winning the USCS Mini Sprint Rookie of the Year and USCS Mini Sprint National Championship in 2014.  His ability to swamp competitors when they least expect it, grabbing the lead and never looking back, is truly something to watch.  His most recent victories include his first 410 Sprint Championship at Hilltop Speedway in 2022 and B-Main of the Tezos ASCoC Spring Nationals All-Star Circuit at Attica Raceway in 2023.

Heart of Gold
Winning on the racetrack doesn't happen without people devotedly working behind the scenes, often without recognition, and Conner knows that.  Conner wanted to give back to the racing community that has so warmly welcomed him to each track at which he competes.  So, for the past three years, he has volunteered his time and racing skills with the Kart 4 Kids Pro-Am Race, which benefits the Johns Hopkins All-Children's Hospital Concussion Research Initiative.  This annual race, located at Andersen Race Park in Palmetto, Florida, features drivers from all racing circuits, including Formula 1 Grand Prix drivers.  This year, in a team sponsored by Hooters Restaurants, Conner's team won, helping to raise over $280,000 for the initiative!

Conner is currently sponsored by Amalie Oil, Tub O-Towels, Hooker harness, Cp-Carrillo LLC, Superior Bearing and Supply, Ross Pistons, Allstar Performance, Indy Race Parts, and Marc Daily Racing.

For more information about speaking with Conner or sponsoring Conner and featuring your logo on his vehicles, please contact or 941-301-3550.